Buying vs. Leasing

Should You Lease or Buy a New Vehicle?

When you’re thinking about leasing or buying a new vehicle, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each option. Leasing a Ford model is a terrific choice for people who prefer to upgrade to a new car every two or three years. For those who want to customize their car or retain a vehicle for a long time, buying a car from our new Ford model inventory makes more sense.

At Rye Ford in Rye, NY, our sales and finance teams can answer any questions you have about leasing or buying a vehicle. Stop in to see our showroom and take a test drive. Whether you’re looking at one of our versatile new SUVs or a used sedan, we can help you find the right vehicle for you. Contact us today for more details on our inventory and financing options.

Leasing a Ford Model with Rye Ford in Rye, NY

If your primary concern is a lower monthly payment, leasing may be the best solution. Payments on a leased vehicle are usually less than payments on the purchase of a car. Leasing is also an excellent option for people who want to have a new car in the driveway every few years.

In general, leasing a vehicle is similar to a long-term car rental. You’re expected to keep up with regular maintenance like oil changes, but larger repairs are covered by the vehicle’s warranty, just as with any new car. At the end of your lease period, you can return the car and start a new lease on a new vehicle, turn the car in, or buy your leased vehicle. It’s important to remember that leases limit the amount of mileage and wear and tear. You’re also not allowed to do major modifications to the vehicle. However, for customers who value the benefits of always driving a newer model car, these limitations are minor.

Buying a New Vehicle vs. Leasing

Buying a new vehicle differs from leasing on a few key points. The most important difference is that while your monthly payments may be higher with a car loan than with a lease, you own the vehicle. When the payments end, you receive a title, and the car is yours. You’re free to modify the vehicle any way you’d like, whether it’s a lift kit on your truck or Overlanding equipment for your next adventure. Regardless of whether you’re leasing or buying, the finance team at Rye Ford can guide you through the process of finding an affordable loan or lease.

Rye Ford Carries a Large Stock of New and Pre-Owned Models

At Rye Ford in Rye, New York, we have a large supply of new and pre-owned Ford vehicles. Our new inventory includes popular Ford models like the Bronco, Explorer, and Expedition, along with trucks and sedans. Many of our pre-owned Ford vehicles are Ford Certified, having passed a detailed inspection to ensure the vehicle’s roadworthiness. Browse through our online listings to see what vehicles we currently have in stock.

New Ford Model Inventory Includes Mustangs and F-150 Trucks

The iconic Ford Mustang continues to wow drivers with its sleek style and superior performance. Rye Ford in Rye, NY, carries several Mustang models and can order anything we don’t have on the lot. The reliable, sturdy Ford F-150 Truck is another vehicle that consistently wins people over with its durability and performance. This workhorse of a pickup is popular with anyone who needs a dependable truck. Our sales team is happy to show you what we have in stock, and help you buy or lease a truck or car with the accessories and features you need.

Rye Ford Offers Certified Pre-Owned Ford Models

Many of our Ford pre-owned vehicles are either Gold or Blue Certified by Ford. This in-depth inspection process covers hundreds of points on a used vehicle and may include warranty coverage and roadside assistance. Gold-Certified vehicles are less than six years old and have 80,000 miles or fewer. Blue-Certified cars must be less than 10 years old and have an odometer reading of no more than 120,000 miles.

Stop in for a Test Drive at Rye Ford in Rye, NY

We encourage you to look through our online inventory listings, but nothing can take the place of test driving a vehicle. Stop in to browse through our showroom and see the models we have on the lot. Our team can help you find the right car to buy or lease. Contact us today for more information!